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You’d never think a caravan could look this HOT…

Or, with Three Birds Renovations at the helm, perhaps you might. Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor and Erin Cayless are known and loved for their signature styling – and for their seventh renovation, nothing’s changed.

Well, besides the fact that this is their tiniest renovation EVER.

“It’s packed to the rafters with personality and clever ideas on how to live large in such a tiny space,” says Bonnie.

Three Birds embark on their first-ever tiny home renovation – and it all begins with a caravan. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

In episode one, the focus is on the caravan, which attaches to the main structure of the river shack. The key challenge with the space was to make the caravan feel as if it were a holistic part of the main structure.

What was once a dull and dreary-looking exterior, painted in beige and cream, has been transformed into the hottest caravan you’ve ever laid eyes on – if that’s even possible.

A rattan pendant light relaxes the space in the bedroom. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

The caravan is located on a river in NSW – and it was this location that inspired Bonnie’s design brief.

“Traditionally the river is a muddy, boys’ kind of place, so I wanted to bring a little bit of girl into it,” she says.

This sense of femininity and “prettiness” begins from the fresh lick of dirty pink paint given to the exterior. Three Birds Renovations requested the help of Crystal Bailey, one half of the Design Twins, for the paint job.

“We wanted to give the caravan something really cool and edgy, so we painted a gold lighting bolt with a pink base,” she says.

The caravan’s exterior has been painted in a dirty pink colour with a gold lighting bolt. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

The result? A beautiful, statement caravan.

Inside, the sleeping quarters have been completely revamped, too, with the aim of making the river shack the ultimate weekender – with enough space for at least two families to stay the night.

Before the reno, the ceiling was falling down and the bunk beds were unsafe.

Now, the caravan features an ottoman from BoConcept that turns into a bed and sleeps 10-plus people.

The bold wallpaper is as much of a statement as the exterior of the caravan. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

The floors were ripped out and a gorgeous, bold wallpaper was applied to the roof.

In her styling, Bonnie used a blush velvet bedhead by Heatherly Design, soft and muted linen with purple and blush tones, and velvet cushions to match the wallpaper and provide a “high-impact bang”.

Bonnie used a blush velvet bedhead by Heatherly Design in her styling. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

“The rattan pendant light and rattan features relax the space,” says Bonnie, “so it’s a space you feel like you’re on holidays in.”

“This space is all about entertaining, having friends and family over and squashing as many people in as possible.”

Hidden storage is featured throughout the caravan. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

Hidden storage is featured throughout the caravan to really maximise the space.

“I used every opportunity I had to create a nook to place things in, such as bedding,” says Bonnie.

Words: Kristy Barrat for


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