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7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

It's Autumn and as the days start to become shorter the light can change the way things at home may a look. Maybe your room is starting to look a little darker? To perk up your living space why not add some colour and character to cheer up your home.

We've come up with some really creative and unexpected ways to add colour that will catch your eye.

Who needs a bedhead when you can change it up by painting a shape as simple as this shown above by Cate Maison.

Paint the inside of a non-working fireplace for a welcome jolt of cheerful colour. Another great idea is to use your non-working fireplace for storage by stacking magazines or books inside it.

If you don't wont to paint a whole room, or even an entire wall for that matter, just paint your door in a colour that suits your mood or taste. To find out what the colour of your door says about you read our recent article here.

And... if you can't be bothered painting the whole door just paint the outside edge with a super bright neon hue (above).

Or maybe paint the inside edge of a walkway or archway with a splash of colour (below).

Try something totally unexpected and paint the ceiling in a dramatic colour. Here an aquamarine adds a bolt of colour with the resulting reflection on all the white walls and fixtures a very calming lighter shade of blue.

Paint behind a shelf to create a real feature then change up the shelf when you feel like it to show off your favourite plants, books and other ornaments.

To read more articles like this go to The Journal.

Images | 1. Cate Maison / 2-7. Pinterest


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