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How to Make Your Bed Like a Stylist

The lived in crumpled linen sheets and perfectly placed, plump pillows and don't forget the colour combinations! They're the beds we all dream of and covet on Instagram and Pinterest. We at NASH are just as guilty as you are. We love our linens and creature comforts, and if I'm being really honest with you, I have been known to work from bed as it's my favourite place in my apartment.

So these beds didn't just become beautiful all by themselves, they've been styled by the pro's and we're going to let you in on their secrets so you can achieve the same look in your home.

Set the scene

Keep your bedside table uncluttered, pare it down to the essentials to help create a relaxing vibe. That could mean having something like your latest book, a plant for fresher air, a small humidifier or a scented candle along with a lamp or hanging light with accents of copper or gold.

Love your linens

Your bed should be the hero of your bedroom, get inspired by layering textures or being creative with patterns and colours. Our must-have for the bed is the NASH super sized linen throw blanket. It's pre-washed so it's super soft and won't shrink. Made of 100% natural linen it's durable and will last generations and available in 3 colours - natural, dove and smoke, they're the perfect accent to the rest of your linen and cushions. Shop the range here.

Use your bedhead

A bedhead can frame your bed and add that extra touch of luxury. While a pared back feel can be created without a bedhead, adding one in a fabric such as velvet or leather means you can put less focus on other areas. From traditional to retro there are a myriad to choose from that not only create a book-end but can also frame your whole bed making it undeniably the hero of your room.

Speaking of cushions...

Cushions on the bed not only adds depth and texture it also adds coziness and a luxe feel. So it doens't get too matchy-matchy layer an assortment of cushions of different fabrics, colours or textures. Velvet and linen are the go to at the moment, and their contrasting textures play off each other perfectly.

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Images | 1. Pinterest: Style Curator / 2. Pinterest: Blogginbow / 3. Pinteresst / 4. NASH featuring Hlin linen throw blanket in Dove / 4. Pinterest: Naturally Cane / 6. Pinterest: Homes to Love / 7. & 8. NASH featuring Hlin throw blanket in Natural


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