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UR Place - A design haven in the shire

Kathryn Whitwell created UR Place in Sutherland, a design store focusing on the work of local designers, artisans and independent artists. With a monochromatic palette, the store is exudes a sophisticated design aesthetic that is proving popular in the area. “I love handmade, unique pieces that have stories behind them but that are also affordable yet timeless in style.”

With a background in design and visual arts, it’s obvious UR Place is a real passion project as well as a business for Katherine, that passion driving it’s success.

Originally the store was a solicitor’s office, which Katherine and her husband Steve transformed it into a chic designer space, keeping the industrial looking exposed brick wall and black plywood flooring, it’s the perfect backdrop to showcase all the unique designer homewares she carefully selects, each one complimenting the entire curation.

NASH has been proudly added to the carefully curated list of brands available at UR Place which also include Catherine Z Hurley, Uashmama, Penney & Bennett, InBed and Whitehorse Home.

For more information please click here

Quote taken from an interivew with Virginia Jen for InsideOut

Stylist: Katherine Whitwell


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