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It’s A Monochrome World…

Black. White. Black and White, Black or White... it is a colour style which never dies, tones which never go out of fashion and a part of every décor in one way or another. It is completely classic and has been used year over year, generations upon generations bringing elegance or a tastefully refined nature to a home or ones life. A monochromatic palette that can be included in any colour scheme or on its own. Being such a go to tonal option, it could be dressed up with gold accents to make it more elegant or dressed down with other colours to give a light and shade aspect to a more relaxed feel. In any way, the black/white variation is chosen in an adornment aspect time after time.

With what we as designers know of the trends of the past, we know everyone loves a bit of black and white tone in their lives. To fulfil those needs and wants we have designed a black and white range of napkins, the Eir Napkins. Eir named after the Norse Goddess of healing.

We looked to nature once again to design these napkins looking at texture of the fabric to mimic the shape of snow capped mountains and colours that would be received well in any home. The folds in the corners of the Napkins are carefully crafted to symbolise elegance and finally we have included our signature red stitching.


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