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Dreaming of Your Own Summer Beach House?

You've been out of the city by the beach for the summer holidays. You may have rented a house or maybe you're staying with relatives on the coast. Either way, you've got the summer beach house vibe and you're checking out the local real estate and searching properties online because you're dreaming of your own summer beach house.

Whether it becomes a reality some time soon or maybe in the future, you can at least add some touches of coastal chic to your home to recreate that summer beach house feeling.

Bedroom Bliss

White and light colours, various textures and crisp linens are the order of the day. You'll never want to get out of bed. Linen is cool in summer and warm in winter, hard wearing and long lasting. Once you live with linen you never want to go back.

Buy linen bedding here.

Living and Dining Inside

Keep cool with hard wood floors, sisal or jute rugs, inside plants, fans and large sliding doors. Keep the colours light and breezy and all the clutter to a minimum.

Casually display cushions on the sofa, wooden benches and the floor to accommodate everyone who drops in and lay throw blankets over lounges and armchairs for when the coastal breeze picks up late in the day.

Shop trans seasonal throw blankets here.

Spend your time outside

The options to decorate the outdoors are endless, from hanging rattan chairs to hammocks and floor cushions on weathered wooden decks. Enveloped with lush green ferns and trees you can create your own tropical summer oasis to de-stress.


Bedroom bliss. Cool in summer and warm in winter, shop NASH bed linen here.

Kitchen Essentials

Linen tea towels with metal rings for hanging. Shop natural linen NASH tea towels here.

Casual Dining

Cool white linen napkins and felt coasters. shop them here.

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