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Earlier this month NASH partnered with fellow Sydney brands Hunter Candles and Botanical Signature for a Mother’s Day Giveaway of beautiful and luxurious homewares and personal pampering products for our followers on Instagram.

We had a chat to Vianney Hunter, Founder of Hunter Candles, to find out more about what inspired her to create her range of soy, hand poured candles.

What sparked your interest in soy candles?

Growing up, our house was constantly covered in all types of candles. My mother was an interior designer, so candles to me were essential in creating a homely and elegant space. It wasn't until later in life did I discover different types of wax, and what influence they had on our bodies. So, the soy interest was sparked by wanting to create a clean burning candle of the upmost quality. Naturally for me, after burning my fair share of candles, I was intrigued in the process and the rest is history.

How did you learn the art of hand pouring candles and creating scents?

It definitely is an art! I began going to my local wax store and asking for tips in pouring the candle. I would start with just enough wax for one and make it on my stove. I couldn't quite perfect it. So I went and did a few courses on pouring soy wax. From there, it took me 2 years to get it right. In those two years I tested many scents, how they reacted with the wax, and how they burned. It was incredibly fun. This was purely to gift my friends and family, I didn't think it would turn into Hunter Candles.

Each of your candles is named after a person’s name. Is each fragrance inspired by someone you know?

Yes they are. All the Hunter Candles are names of my family and friends. The scents represent a little part of them. For example Deborah is my mum and her scent is Fig Tree. Mum actually collaborated with me to create this scent. It represents her, the scent is classic with many layers and covers many delicious notes from floral to earthy. It fills a space with a warm and elegant scent. These are also characters of Deborah herself.

When creating the scents, naming the candles came quite naturally to me. I am surrounded by such an inspiring and fabulous group of people, that when landing on our signature collection the inspirations represented the candles qualities perfectly.

You incorporate magnolia leaves into your packaging, which is a wonderful touch. How did this come about?

Thank you. There are a few reasons why we incorporate the magnolia leaf onto all our candles. The magnolia leaf is strong, yet is partnered with a decadent and feminine white magnolia flower. The colour is Hunter green, and when aged, turns into a beautiful leathered leaf. We believe Hunter Candles as a brand is strong, yet feminine like the leaf and flower. Having the natural leave represents our importance of creating fresh, clean and grounded scents. The magnolia tree although not native to Australia, is a very large part of our Australian landscape. We've always been attracted to the tree, and naturally used it as part of our brand.

What inspires you now when it comes to expanding the product range?

Inspiration is one thing I do not have any trouble with. Along with my amazing friends and family who surprise me everyday, I draw inspiration from the natural surroundings of where I live in Newtown. Newtown has such a lively vibe. I constantly am walking the streets, people watching, grabbing photos of buildings that have been abandoned for what looks like years, or running my hand over the gum trees in the many parks. The tricky part is manifesting just one scent from what I see everyday. Texture, pattern, smell and personality are what drives my scent creations.

How do you incorporate candles into your day?

Candles are everywhere! I believe that scent is an incredibly important part of our lives. Scent has the power to create memory, alter moods and stimulate. I have a candle for the bathroom, I use the CAVE, peppermint + eucalyptus. This is extremely relaxing and crisp, it helps me relax in an evening.

I use the HEALEY ginger + cucumber + mint in the kitchen. It's bright, fresh and lively. It pairs well with a gin and tonic.

I burn the MORGAN kaffir lime + sandalwood in the living room. This scent is earthy and complex, I love that when burning you can at times get a hint of the lime, and at other times more of the sandalwood. It’s a comforting scent.

Candles improve my life daily, in all areas. I do change the scents I have burning to match my mood, my company or even the time of year.



Scent At the moment it’s ANDREW sage + pomegranate. It's beautiful.

Weekend activity The bush walk near my parents house. Lots of inspiration in there.

Holiday location New York to visit my best friend.

Book Alice through the looking glass, Lewis Carol.

Food Lemon Drizzle cake from Flour and Stone.

Favourite Sydney neighbourhood It's got to be Newtown... where we created Hunter Candles!

All photos copyright of Vianney Hunter 2017

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