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Getting cozy at Home With Grace

We recently caught up with Katarnya Gilbert, the newest NASH stockist in Sydney, to find out a little more about her homewares store, Home With Grace (HWG) and what inspires her.

Katarnya opened Home With Grace, a homewares store supporting local Australian designers along with handmade homewares from around the globe, in Killara on Sydney’s upper north shore in December 2016.

Filled with a selection of products and brands that are bespoke, limited editions or have a unique point of difference, Katarnya partners with designers and brands to bring their latest collections to her local clientele. In addition she supports fair trade artisans, so you can be assured that every product is ethically sourced and of a high quality.

A selection of the brands Home With Grace offers are Alchemy Produx, Armadillo & Co, Cultiver, Byron Bay Hanging Chairs, Grace Garrett, NASH, Planet Luxe and Soak Society.

When did your love of homewares and interior styling begin?

I have always had a fascination with cushions. From a very early age, when my mum would pester me every morning to make my bed, I would always add extra cushions or pillows so it would look “pretty”. My love of “pretty” things has grown from there and now I am lucky enough to live and work in a store surrounded by lots and lots of ‘pretty’ things.

What does your average day look like?

Coffee… get my 18 month old daughter Grace (whom the shop is named after) ready for either a fun filled day with me in store, her grandparents or childcare. Open the HWG doors at 10, sit down with another coffee and answer emails, pack online orders, order couriers and speak with any customers that walk in. After work, I love cooking, so I whip-up dinner (sometimes with a glass of vino) and relax a bit by reading or watching a bit of TV with my hubby once Grace is in bed. Wow – so boring!

As the owner and director of a homewares store and styling service, what do you love the most about the job?

That’s easy – the people, both my customers and my suppliers. I get to work with the most amazingly talented artisans who create such beautiful pieces. Whether it be a macramé cushion or a Bamileke feather headdress, everything in my store has had a journey. Either being made locally in Australia (like NASH) or by Fair Trade companies overseas who work with remote villages in Bangladesh, every item has a story. I am a very tactile person, so the textures and quality are really important to me. This is why NASH was such a great fit for us. I only stock items which I have test driven myself where possible, so I really believe in the products that HWG support. And the best part is I get to share these masterpieces with everyone who walks into my store door or who shops with us online.

What’s your decorating style at home?

Rather eclectic really. It’s a bit tribal, a bit Hamptons/coastal, and a bit Scandi but mostly monochromatic. Lots of textural pieces from lux linens, Mongolian cushions, coral, feathered Juju’s, hemp and wool rugs with recycled oak furniture. Anything that is natural and has had a life. I am a Gemini, so I change my mind/style all the time.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram and nature. Anything that makes me smile really. Also, my little girl inspires me everyday to just keep going. Small business is harder that I could imagined, but it can also be super rewarding.

Your top 3 Instagram accounts?

Grace Garrett Designs, Bowerbird Interiors and Mon Palmer (plus NASH of cause!)

For stockist details please click here

Read more on The Journal here

Photographs copyright Home With Grace

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