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Simple Ways to Add Style to Your Napkins

Napkins can add sophistication to a table setting, add a touch of elegance to a romantic dinner or can simply be a casual addition for a family get together. Whichever one it is, there are easy and quick ways to fold and style napkins with little or no fuss or extra propping to achieve the look you want.

We've used our Eir linen napkins in ivory (also available in ebony) to show you how to add some style to your napkins. To shop the NASH napkin range click here.

A Fragrant Touch

Instead of a napkin ring use a long sprig of a sturdy herb, like rosemary, tied in a loop around the centre of the rolled napkin. It’s fragrant, eco-friendly and gives diners a preview of what’s on the menu.

You’ll need a napkin, a rosemary sprig (or similar herb ) and paper clip.

  1. Fold the napkin in half then half again into a square that is one quarter of the original size of the napkin.

  2. Roll this up and wrap the rosemary around it.

  3. Join the rosemary at the back use a paper click to fasten it together.

Keep it Simple

  1. Lay the napkin flat in a diamond shape.

  2. Fold the top and bottom corners into the middle, overlapping them.

  3. Then fold the top and bottom edges into the middle also, and one final fold to create a long napkin.

  4. Then just take the two ends and cross them over to make a knot and place your napkin in the centre of the plate.

Go Green

  1. Fold the square napkin in half, then into quarters with all open corners together at the top right.

  2. Pick up the top layer at top right and gradually roll up diagonally toward you as far as it goes. Press roll flat to form a band.

  3. Bring the second layer down from top corner (not rolling), tucking corner behind band so that fold forms second band parallel to the first.

  4. Repeat with the third layer

  5. Keeping bands diagonal, fold the right side under the back to form a neat rectangle.

  6. Then rotate 180 degrees as per above and tuck some leaves, flowers or herbs under the top fold if you wish.

Tip | Use starched napkins for best results when folding. For nice full folds, do not press napkins as you go.

To shop the NASH napkin range click here.

Images | Featured are Eir napkins in ivory (also available in ebony).


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