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How to (affordably) Decorate Every Room for Christmas

Put a little Christmas cheer in each room, without breaking the bank.

Photo: Nicky Ryan

Decorating your home top to toe is one of the best things about the Christmas season – particularly if you’re entertaining. If, like us you love to embrace a whole-of-house decorating scheme each year, read on for how to put a little Christmas cheer in each room, without breaking the bank.

Take stock of all of your Christmas decorations for possibilities and rethink how you usually display them. Perhaps break it down to simple colour scheme for each room to give the look a brand new feel. It's OK to leave some in boxes for next year so you can keep the look simple.


First and foremost, you’ll need a wreath. There’s nothing like it to welcome your guests and set a festive scene as soon as they arrive. Make your own by bending fresh vines or flexible branches and binding into a circle with string. Or fashion a wire coathanger into a circular form and wrap with foliage from your garden.


Take your decorations into the hallway and add little tealights along the floorboards. Twigs and branches add a Christmas feel to lanterns for no cost.

Photo: Chris Warnes

Living room

Create Christmas vignettes here and there that match your overall scheme – usually informed by your tree decorations. If all one colour is your thing, embrace it. Hunt through your favourite interiors shops cushions and decorations.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece, this is the perfect time and place to create a Christmas vignette. A simple roll of brown paper can get your Christmas message across:

Photo: Cath Muscat

If not, look to use a window sill or sideboard.

Näe, jag tror jag parkerar jag mig här under stjärnan 😴 Trevlig måndagskväll 👋🏻


If you enjoyed making your front door wreath, keep the theme going by adding a couple of complimentary ones to kitchen window sills.

Take much loved decorations off the tree and style small vignettes with items you already have, using all one colour to keep it simple and elegant.


Rethink decorations you haven’t used for a while and make them new again on a smaller scale in a dedicated vignette. Borrow a branch from your fresh tree and cut into small sprigs to dot here and there. Either stick to your overall colour scheme or use the same colours as your bedroom– with a few more candles and a touch of bling!


A little festive touch is all that’s needed here – perhaps a small garland on your window or a little grouping of baubles on the vanity. Add a little Eucalyptus or pine essential oil to your candles for a Christmas feel.

Photo: Chris Warnes


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