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Black beauties | Stunning homes with dark exteriors

All black exteriors create a dramatic look that can’t be missed by people passing by. They’re bold, unique, and can look extremely stylish. To show you what we mean, here are 13 examples of modern black house exteriors.

1. Large windows are the only things interrupting the all black siding on the exterior of this home.

Designed by StudioFour. Photography by Shannon McGrath.


2. The matte black exterior of this house creates an intriguing modern look that contrasts the rough rugged landscape surrounding it.

Designed by Oller & Pejic Architecture. Photography by Marc Angeles.


3. The unique angular design of this house and the all black exterior makes the home stand out from the rest.

Designed by Suppose Design Office.


4. Shiny black material makes up the exterior of this modular home.

Designed by A-cero Architects.


5. Black wood siding covers the exterior of this suburban family home.

Designed by Scott Posno Design. Photography by silentSama architectural photography.


6. The black corrugated metal siding of this home suits it’s industrial style.

Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. Photography by Audrey Hall.


7. Burnt, blackened wood panels cover the entire exterior of this forest home.

Designed by Campos Studio. Photography by John Sinal.


8. The only parts of this home not covered in black siding are the floor-to-ceiling windows and doorways.

Designed by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects. Photography by Ben Rahn|A-Frame.


9. The black exterior of this Canadian home contrasts the winter landscape.

Designed by AKB. Photography by Shai Gil.


10. The two storey extension on this home is covered in black siding to give it a contemporary look.

Designed by Philip Stejskal Architecture


11. This small house has been covered in black siding to give it a modern feel and conceal it in the dark forest around it.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales designed this house in Mexico. Photography by Diego Berruecos.


12. Black metal siding on the exterior of this home gives the cubic house an even more modern appearance, and contrasts the greenery surrounding it.

Boetzkes | Helder designed this house in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Photography by Merel van Beukering


13. This black home has a futuristic look to it thanks to the angles created where the roof of the house meets the sides.

RS+ Robert Skitek designed this house in Krostoszowice, Poland. Photography © Tomasz Zakrzewski.

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