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Stockist Spotlight | The Life Style Edit

We met Heidi Albertiri late last year and couldn’t believe how truly friendly, generous and welcoming she was. We clicked straight away and her response to the NASH range was extremely positive. NASH became part of The Life Style Edit (TLSE) and we haven’t looked back since.

It’s an understatement to say Heidi is a creative individual, she is the former senior stylist at Home Beautiful magazine, add to that the easy and fluid way she works when she’s styling and it’s just a pleasure and a learning experience to be around her. We were in good hands when Heidi recently styled some shots for NASH with her resident photographer Heloise Love and the results from just a couple of hours shooting in her store come studio, were just beautiful.

There’s always something happening at TLSE whether it’s a fashion or interiors photo shoot, a brand/product launch or an evening of styling with Steve Cordony. Just being in the space while Heidi and her team are at work never feels like work, it’s just too much fun.

Because there’s never a dull moment and new creative endeavours are always taking place at TLSE we wanted to catch up with Heidi to get the lowdown on how TLSE started and recent and upcoming events.

What sparked the initial idea to open TLSE?

After finishing up at Home Beautiful magazine I was at a loss as to what direction to take. After a holiday to Bali I came up with TLSE, I wanted to create a place to collaborate and support all the wonderful brands I come across and continue creating beautiful things myself.

photograph by TLSE

TLSE is in a wonderful warehouse space at number 10 Fitzroy Place Surry Hills. How has the warehouse shaped the business?

The warehouse upped the ante, it gives us an edge as we have a place for people to really come and explore the brand first hand. Not only is it a retail space, it is our HQ and the studio is available to hire so it means on any given day we have creatives in our space doing amazing things. There is always something happening at number 10.

It’s evident you love plants and flowers, the shop is filled with them and they really compliment the large range of homewares you offer.

I was a florist for 20 years previously so it is so hard not to have them in my life. It’s like something is missing if pants and flowers aren’t included in an interior space or a shoot. It’s my must have.

Heidi and photographer Heloise Love at work shooting NASH throw blankets at TLSE

NASH Hlin throw blanket in Natural available at TLSE. Styled by Heidi Albertiri photographed by Heloise Love

I know you took a lovely holiday to Bali earlier this year and of course you would have fit some healthy shopping time in. TLSE is hosting shopping trips to Bali twice a year, what can participants expect on the trip?

It’s a dream come true for me. Our Bali trips are for anyone who loves what we offer at TLSE. You can come live the TLSE life with us for a week in Bali where we do yoga in the mornings, will style a shoot, take you to the best interiors stores in bali and fashion stores and eat in the best restaurants and bars.

The interiors in Bali are phenomenal and I know my way around every inch of the place. It’s a wonderful place to come for inspiration .

How do you select the brands and products you sell at TLSE?

Instinct, I always go with my gut. I love supporting people starting up, so I love getting in early to help kick start people.

Whats your decorating style at home?

At home I love to mix it up. I love beautiful things, but have treasures that I have collected that have meaning. Like my blankets and textiles from India mixed with my lovely linens, it’s a lived in feel that is cosy but styled. I always have flowers and plants at every corner.

I’m sure no two days are the same. What do you love most about your job?

This is not a job, this is true love. What we do at TLSE comes from within. It’s serves my inner calling and I attract people on a mission to do the same. I love supporting people in following their dreams and creating a platform to share and collaborate. I love that every day is different and you just never know who is going to be in the space and what is going to happen. Anything is possible at TLSE.

NASH Vor linen tea towels, photograph by TLSE

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