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Hues of blue are trending right now across homewares and interiors magazines.

In a range of hues ranging from the light to the very dark blues, you can use a combination of blues to create a moody or light and breezy room. And don't restrict your use of blue to painted walls, combine textures such as linen and velvet to create some drama and luxe from the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond.

1. & 5. Hlin throw blanket in Dove

2. Loki coasters in blue

3. Vor tea towel in blueberry

4. Hlin throw blankets in Natural, Dove and Smoke

1. & 5. Styling by Heidi Albertiri, photographed by Heloise Love at The Life Style Edit

2. 3. & 4. Photographed by Nicholas Bowers

Other images from Pinterest

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