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A good night’s sleep

As the weather has changed over the last month, and the nights have become cooler, it’s apparent Autumn is definitely here. Which means we need to rethink the linen we have on the bed to keep us warm and comfortable throughout the night.

NASH Hlin throw blanket in Dove Styled by Heidi Albertiri Photography by Heloise Love at The Life Style Edit

We all know a good night’s sleep will help us to remain focused and more productive for the day ahead, but there are may other benefits too. Getting enough shut-eye helps to reduce stress, sharpen memory and helps to maintain a healthy weight. A big part of getting a good night’s sleep is ensuring it’s a restful and comfortable one, to reduce the amount of tossing and turning and restless sleep. Using the right amount of bed linen and choosing fabrics wisely will help to achieve this. High quality 100% linen sheets, blankets and quilts are the must haves for your bed. Not only is linen soft to the touch, it’s breathable, lightweight and durable. It will last you a lifetime if cared for and is the perfect trans-seasonal bedding for the Australian lifestyle. In the Autumn layer your linen so as to be warm without getting hot throughout the night. As we approach Winter remove a layer or two and add a quilt and or thicker blankets in wool or alpaca. Test what works with your body temperature and add and remove layers as needed.

NASH Hlin throw blanket in Smoke and Loki coaster in Grey

Sleep also benefits your emotional and physical health. Getting enough sleep helps you start the day with a more positive attitude and outlook, which in turn increases happiness. After eight hours of solid shut-eye you’ll be wanting to take on the world.

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