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Linen v Cotton


While Linen, from the flax plant and Cotton, from the Cotton plant, are both natural plant fibres, there are quite a few differences that set them apart. Below we compare Cotton and Linen in a non-exhaustive array of categories.

Largely known as the world’s strongest natural fibre, it’s thicker than Cotton and the Linen fibre is available in long, variable lengths, contributing to it’s strength and longevity.

To achieve strength within the Cotton fibre, multiple fibres are spun into yarn and the yarn is then woven to create fabric.


Hand means “how it feels in your hand”. Linen is a bast fibre, which is crisper than Cotton becoming softer and more supple through handling and use. It softens to drape and has a more natural texture than Cotton, with a higher lustre.


Both Linen and Cotton are prone to wrinkles.

The fluffy fibre clusters in the Cotton plant are called bolls. Soft to the touch and resilient to handling, Cotton fabrics can be very soft like no other plant fibre.

The natural resin within the Linen fibres is called lignin, which at first can be stiff, they crease easily. The wrinkles soften and smooth through use and washing.


When wet Linen is known to gain strength and has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth. This is very important in such homewares and household items such as towels as they are constantly used to absorb moisture and have the ability to house microbes.

Linen and Cotton are so compatible with moisture, the natural fibres are the best suited choice to have in our kitchens, bedrooms and clothing. The are soft, attractive and contribute to our comfort.


If you follow our Linen care instructions your beautiful homewares will last for generations. Linen is very easy to wash and dry at home.

Note: The term "Linens" is commonly used to refer to bedding such as sheets, bedcovers etc, don’t confuse this term with Linen fabric.

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